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We are including Panhandle Area's meetings along with ours in unity and cooperation to better serve newcomers and visitors.

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Key to Meeting Type
B=Basic Text Study; BD=Birthday Dinner; BN=Birthday Night; C=Closed Meeting; JFT=Just for Today; LS=Literature Study; NC=Newcomer; NS=Non-Smoking; O=Open Meeting; OD=Open Discussion; RA=Restricted Access; S=Smoking; SM=Speaker Meeting; SP=Spiritual Principles; ST=Step Study; SWG =
Step Working Guide; T=Topic Discussion;  TDCJ=TDCJ approved CL=Candlelight 

Locations of Groups in Amarillo
Just For Today—1601 S Georgia St Andrew's Episcopal Church (SE Entrance & Downstairs, 1st Door on Right)
Nothing To Fear—7200 Arden Rd. (Small bldg. to the left of church)
Serenity—1515 S. Buchanan (NW entrance to Buchanan Street Chapel)
Twelve Steps/New Life—3001 Wolflin (First Christian Church NE door to the right of Snodgrass Hall sign)
Back to Basics—1601 S Georgia St Andrew's Episcopal Church (SE Entrance & Downstairs, 2nd Door on Right)
The New Beginnings GroupClements Unit (TDCJ)
All Will Be Well1511 N Adams


Locations of other Area Meetings

SpearmanYou're Never Alone
31 S. Endicott @ Union Church

BorgerKeep it Simple
Valley Dr. and Cedar
DalhartKey to Freedom
517 Rock Island
DumasDoors to Freedom—600 S, Twichell @ the Co-Op Building


12:00pm   Nothing to Fear (O, NS,  JFT)
5:30  12 Steps/New Life (NS, Men's)
7:00pm   12 Steps/New Life (O, NS, SP)
7:00pm   All Will Be Well— (O, NS, TD)
7:00pm You're Never Alone  (O, NS, OD)
7:00pm  Back to Basics (O,NS,LS,NC)

12:00pm   Nothing to Fear (O, NS, LS)
7:00pm   12 Steps/New Life (O, NS, LS)
7:00pm   Serenity (O, NS, OD)
7:00pm  Doors to Freedom
8:00pm Serenity (O, NS, OD)
8:00pm   Back to Basics (O, NS,BS)

12:00pm   Nothing to Fear (O, NS, LS)
7:00pm   12 Steps/New Life (O, NS, T)
7:00pm   Serenity (O, NS, OD)
7:30pm   Keep it Simple (O, NS, JFT)
7:00pm   Back to Basics (O,NS,T)

12:00pm   Nothing to Fear (O, NS, NC)
7:00pm   12 Steps/New Life (O, NS, NC)
7:00pm   Doors to Freedom (O, NS, T)
7:00pm   Back to Basics (O, NS, OD)

12:00pm   Nothing to Fear (O,NS,OD)
                  (11:30 the last Friday of each month is  BD)
5:30pm   The New Beginnings Group
Clements Unit—TDCJ—O, OD, RA)
7:00pm   12 Steps/New Life (O, NS ,BN)
7:00pm   Keep It Simple (O, NS, OD)
7:00pm   Key to Freedom (O, NS, OD)
7:00pm   Back to Basics (O, NS,SWG)



7:00pm  12 Steps/New Life (O, NS, T)
7:00pm  Serenity (O, NS, OD)
(6:00pm SerenityBN first Saturday of the month)
7:00pm Back To The Basics (O, NS, JFT)

1:00pm  Just for Today  (O, NS, SP)
7:00pm  12 Steps/New Life  (O, NS, T)
 7:30pm   Keep it Simple (O,NS,T)
                  (Last Sunday of each month is BN)
8:00pm  Back to Basics  (O, NS, SP, CL)